The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium
Beautiful Lighting at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium


Stop in soon to see our current selection of beautifully restored one-of-a-kind ceiling, floor and table lamps.
Gifts, Jewelry and Home Decor at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium

Experience gorgeous displays filled with home decorating ideas, gifts, antiques, accessories and jewelry.
Glass and Fabric Lampshades at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium


Let us help you to pick out the perfect glass or fabric shade to fit the style and size of your floor, table or hanging lamps.
Lamp Rewiring at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium


We rewire small lamps while you wait and shop. We're also happy to advise you about what is best for your lamp.
The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium
So much at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium has been family owned and operated since 1997. We truly believe that nice matters and have made this the perfect place for you to relax, enjoy browsing and/or find the perfect lighting for your home! Each and every item has been carefully handpicked and presented in a way that makes this an interesting and welcoming place. With this in mind and with over 25 years of knowledge and experience behind us, we're here to serve YOU!

Nice Matters at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium

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"Not only are the owners the absolute best, but they have something for every occasion and every person you know. They throw wonderful events and constantly invite the community. If you need a gift, stop in!" ~Kelly
Lovely Store. A must shop worth visiting. There is something for everyone. The expert lamp repair store. Don't throw that old, special light fixture away, have it repaired, restored, or just rewired buy a local business who is highly knowledgeable and truly cares." ~Cynthia
  "Outstanding customer service! Fixed 5 lamps within 30-ish minutes and helped select a replacement shade. Clearly experts and so friendly!! Shop has lots of quaint gifts for holidays that are very reasonably priced. Made shopping such a pleasant experience - it’s the kind of thing that’s so missing in the world: customer service that’s great from competent professionals who want you to enjoy your experience and deliver a quality product, all with cordial dialogue in a welcoming, unique shop. Go local business done right!!!"   ~Ren   "For my 1900 house with no overhead electric lighting, I looked for pieces that complemented the age and style. I found everything I wanted here. Three chandeliers and two unique hanging lights and they look like they were always here. Gorgeous and reasonably priced!" ~Terrye
"What a great store! The owners are so nice and went out of their way to help me. They have beautiful lamps etc. Totally worth a stop in." ~Kathleen

  Black Cat Scratch at The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium

We are sad to announce we must end our loyalty card program, as the company which processes the cards is discontinuing the current format.

You can continue to accumulate points on purchases for the next few weeks, but

Please know that we value all of our customers' loyalty and will seek to find new ways in the future to show our appreciation because as always, we are thankful for their support!

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The Antique Lamp Co and Gift Emporium
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